Trade Halladay (and Wells or Rios!)

Roy Halladay, Rogers Centre, Toronto 19.07.09Back in The Big Smoke, or T-dot as it’s known to some.

So, the Jays feel they must trade their ace Roy Halladay before they lose him to Free Agency.

Seize the opportunity I say!

Just make sure that any team that wants the estimable Roy must also take either Vernon Wells or Alex Rios, the Jays’ under performing, overpaid, never were and never will be (despite what their contracts would indicate) putative star offensive players.

If a bettter-than-average major league outfielder + bona fide pitching prospects come Toronto’s way, it might be worth it.

btw The Dudes on the All-Star broadcast who said that the Jays would deal Halladay to either the BoSox or Yanks better be wrong. Ricciardi has made some whopper mistakes, but would he really put that stake through the hearts of Jays’ fans before he gets fired in October?


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